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Your 30-Day Holiday Hustle Challenge to Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

Don’t want to feel like a stuffed turkey this holiday season? Navigate the biggest gorge-fest of the year with our 30-day holiday hustle challenge.

Complete this 30-day challenge from anywhere—in the comfort of your festive living room, at the gym or even in your in-laws’ basement. It’s the perfect way to take a break from the holiday craze and burn off those extra calories.

30-Day Holiday Hustle

Ready for 2 rounds of 3 moves for the next 30 days? Smash your weight loss goals with this fat-burning circuit while your cookies are still in the oven!

Perform each of the three exercises in a row with no break between each one. Try to complete as many repetitions as possible within the assigned timeframe while maintaining proper form. After your first round, take a 30-second break. Then, complete your second round.

If two rounds are too easy, add additional rounds depending on your fitness level. Make sure to write down how many repetitions you complete for each exercise. This way, if you ever repeat the challenge, you can see if you’ve improved.

Not sure how to perform knee tucks? 

Here’s how:

  1. Sit up at a 45-degree angle with your hands placed directly behind your outer hips for balance. 
  2. Straighten your legs and raise them off the ground until they are parallel with the floor. Keep your heels together and toes pointed upward. 
  3. Pull your knees into your chest while keeping your chest open, shoulders back, elbows wide and hands on the ground. Your hand placement should provide stability for the movement. 
  4. Extend your knees and straighten your legs to the original start position. Keep repeating until time expires. 

What about alternating lunge front kicks? 

Here’s how:

  1. Start in an upright position with your feet together. 
  2. Step back with your left leg and lunge, making sure your left knee almost touches the ground. Make sure your right thigh (support leg) is parallel to the ground and your right knee doesn’t go in front of your toes. 
  3. As you rise back up, kick your left leg up to hip height in front of your body and return to the start position with your feet together. 
  4. Step back into a deep lunge with your right leg and keep alternating legs until time expires. 

Want to see how to perform the other exercises in this challenge? Head here for helpful video tutorials of the exercises and a detailed how-to explanation. 

That’s a Holiday Wrap!

Now, you’re ready to hustle with us and burn off those extra holiday calories. And when you’re ready to take it up a notch, find a huge selection of fitness programs and super short workouts at Gymondo

Let us know how you did! 

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