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7-Day Sugar-Free Challenge to Shed Fat

If you loved our 30-day beach body fitness challenge, follow it up with this 7-day sugar detox! 

Are you addicted to sugar? Without the right game plan, it’s difficult to break a sugar addiction. But when you do kick the habit, the positive changes to your health are extraordinary. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better. 

Slashing your sugar intake helps stabilize your energy levels, curb your appetite and prevent chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer. And if you’re looking to quickly shed fat, eliminating sugar is by far your best approach. 

Over the next week, focus on each daily task to break your sugar addiction and start feeling refreshed, energized and good about what you’re doing for your health. 

Start your 7-day sugar-free challenge now and become a fitter, healthier and happier version of yourself.  

7-Day Sugar Detox

Every day, you’ll have a new task. Some of the tasks involve food and beverage choices, while others require workouts and even pantry raids. And some days even call for 2 tasks! But whatever you do over the next 7 days, AVOID ADDED SUGAR. Natural sugar (fructose) from fruit is fine, but steer clear of high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, honey (natural sugar), etc.

After just one week, you’ll be amazed by how good you feel. Here’s how to kick your sugar habit:

Sugar-Free Challenge FAQ

What workout should I do? 

Day 4 calls for a 20-minute workout. Here’s what you should do: 

Belly Fat Burner is from our full Cardio Core program. Fall in love with this popular workout as expert trainer Andy pushes you through challenging core exercises and fat-burning cardio drills. Get ready to stay in the fat-burning zone as you blend high- and low-intensity exercises to keep your heart rate guessing. See for yourself why this is one of the best ways to train.

What foods should I avoid?

Avoid added sugars (candy, ice cream, soda, pastries) and simple carbs (white rice, white bread, white potatoes, sugary cereals, baked goods, fried foods). Beware of hidden sugars in packed foods like milk, cheese, granola bars, yogurt, cereal, pasta sauce, salad dressing, wine, beer and even bread. Read each ingredient label to identify hidden sugar. 

For a complete overview of nutrient-dense foods you should include in your diet, click here.  

Can I eat fruit? 

Of course, you can! Fresh fruits contain natural sugar but no added sugar, so eat to your heart’s content! 

Can I drink alcohol?

Drink alcohol mindfully and in moderation, just as long as you know what to avoid. Beer and most mixed drinks contain added sugar—fruit juice or tonic water. Enjoy hard liquor and dry red wine in moderation. 

To see the shocking results of what calories look like in different foods and beverages, click here

What about carbs?

This challenge is focused solely on ADDED SUGARS. Eating carbs is OK as long as you choose complex carbs (vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, oatmeal). Avoid simple (refined) carbs you find in packaged and processed foods. 

If you struggle with sugar cravings, click here to find out how to stop cold turkey. 

Will reducing added sugars help me lose weight?

One of the many benefits of reducing added sugars is weight and fat loss. Some studies suggest it takes as little as 9 days to notice a difference in weight. During the 7-day sugar-free challenge, pay special attention to how your body responds as you cut back on added sugar. We have a feeling you’ll love the results. 

We created this 7-day sugar-free challenge with YOU in mind. Our goal is to make cutting out added sugar a bit easier for you. Just remember—take one day at a time!  While anything is doable for 7 days, cutting out sugar completely isn’t a realistic permanent lifestyle change. But hopefully, this challenge will reaffirm your goal to eat clean, nutrient-dense foods with the occasional splurge.

Don’t forget to share your progress with us in the comments below. And if you love this challenge, head to Gymondo to find customized fitness programs and sugar-free recipes tailored to your needs and goals. Or couple your sugar-free week with our 7-day beach body fitness challenge!

Good luck!

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