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Why You Should Set Workout Intentions Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

Use your mind to sculpt a beautiful body.  What should you do when boredom or fatigue strikes during a workout? Tune in instead of checking out! Set workout intentions instead of New Year’s...

3 Strategies to Get You Through Your Next Workout Even When You Don’t Want to

You can do anything with the right mindset. There’s no question—2020 was a crazy year! Not sure how you feel, but I’ve found myself oscillating between hope and anxiety. Some days, I’m...

7 Pro Tips on Taking Awesome Before and After Photos

Who’s a sucker for real-life weight loss stories? My hand is raised!  From reading backstories to pouring over the struggles and triumphs people face over the course of their journey, I simply love...


Weight Loss

6 Diet Tips for Healthy Holiday Weight Loss

Interested in healthy weight loss over the holidays? Try our 6 diet tips! To lose 5 pounds in December, you’ll need to shave 17,500 calories in 31 days. That’s 3,500 calories per pound. Keeping those extra holiday snacks off your...

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