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30-Day Beach Body Fitness Challenge

Summer has finally arrived and you may already be searching for the best beach body fitness challenge. Take this 30-day beach body challenge for toned arms, shapely legs and a slim waist. This equipment-free workout can be done from the comfort of your home, on-the-go or at the beach.

Just be sure to keep yourself hydrated and follow a healthy diet. Before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling your best. Let’s get started!

Ready for the Challenge? 

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Target: Chest, Arms, Shoulders and Triceps

Push-ups are a great exercise to challenge your core and upper-body strength. To decrease the difficulty of the exercise, you can add an incline position by resting your hands on a wall, bench or chair.

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Power Jacks

Target: Full-Body

Power jacks are a great full-body cardio exercise to burn fat. By adding the power to the jack, you’ll target your glutes and thighs and increase the difficulty of the exercise by leaps and bounds. For a modified version, perform regular jumping jacks without the added squat motion. 

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Plank Up-Downs

Target: Core, Shoulders & Triceps

Plank Up-Downs are a great exercise for strengthening your core, shoulders and triceps in one go while keeping your heart rate in the fat-burning zone. For a modified version, leave your knees in contact with the ground. 

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Plyo Lunges

Target: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

Plyo lunges are the perfect lower-body exercise for beach-ready legs. Jump training exercises are notorious for toning your legs faster and shedding extra calories. If you find that plyo lunges are too challenging, perform reverse lunges instead. 

Note: For this exercise, right-left is considered one repetition. 

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Side Plank Crunches

Target: Right and Left Obliques, Shoulders, Triceps 

Let’s focus on your obliques for the beach! Side plank crunches are the perfect exercise for developing deep core strength and getting rid of stubborn belly fat. For a modified version, leave your top leg on the ground instead of stacking your feet. 

Note: For this exercise, complete the required amount of repetitions on one side and then switch to the opposite side. 

Learn how to perform side plank crunches correctly here

Drop Squats

Target: Quads and Glutes

Add a little more intensity to your squat. Drop squats target your glutes and quadriceps and because they’re explosive, you’ll burn extra calories. If drop squats are too challenging, perform regular air squats instead. 

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Knee Tucks

Target: Core, Hip Flexors, Quads

Look and feel your best at the beach! Knee tucks work both your upper and lower abdominal muscles to get you beach body ready. 

Learn how to properly execute knee tucks here

Mountain Climbers

Target: Full-Body

If you’ve been looking for one of the most effective bodyweight exercises around, look no further. Mountain climbers hit your entire body while keeping your heart rate high enough to burn all those extra calories. 

Note: For this exercise, right-left is considered one repetition. 

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Target: Full-Body

If there is one exercise that hits it all, it’s burpees. Burpees engage multiple muscle groups at once, making them one of the best strength-cardio exercises around. Add this exercise to the mix and reap the benefits of increased strength and maximized calorie burn.  

Note: For a modified version, walk your feet up to your hands one at a time and then stand nice and tall. Omit the jumping portion at the top of the movement. 

Find out why burpees are the best bodyweight exercise here

Plank Jacks 

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Target: Core, Shoulders, Triceps

If you think regular planks are easy, try this!  Add plank jacks to your workout routine to elevate your heart rate to the fat-burning zone while increasing your upper-body strength. If you find plank jacks are too challenging, step your feet in and out instead of jumping. 

Note: For this exercise, out-in with your feet is considered one repetition. 

Learn how to properly perform plank jacks here

Building the Perfect Beach Body 

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over the exercises for the 30-day beach body fitness challenge, here are a few friendly reminders: 

  1. If 30-days isn’t your thing, start with our 7-day summer fitness challenge
  2. It’s almost impossible to get beach body ready if your diet isn’t in check. Limit your intake of junk food and focus on nutrient-dense meals to get the most out of the next 30 days.
  3. If you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight, calorie balance is key. To lose fat, you need to intake quality calories and increase the intensity of your workouts. Boost your metabolism by eating wholesome, fat-burning foods and be mindful of your portions
  4. Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand. For the best results, focus on a daily exercise regime and a healthy nutrition plan. 
  5. If you feel you can do more than one round of each exercise, complete 2-3 rounds depending on your fitness level. The more you move, the more calories you burn! 

If you’re ready, start this 30-day beach body fitness challenge to get in perfect summer shape! 

Don’t forget to share your progress with us in the comments below. And if you love this challenge, head to Gymondo to find customized fitness program tailored to your needs and goals.

Good luck!

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