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Can Exercise Reverse the Aging Process? Our Top 3 Anti-Aging Workouts

Working out can help you sculpt a beautiful body and an ageless face.

You’ve probably already heard the countless benefits of exercise, but something you may not know is that working out is one of the most powerful deterrents to aging.  

Recent research suggests that exercise increases the production of collagen and stimulates growth hormones to repair damaged cells and give your skin a tight, toned appearance. By increasing your heart rate through exercise, the skin cells in your face get more nutrients, vitamins and oxygen. The result? Fewer wrinkles. 

Read more on our top 3 anti-aging workouts you should start right now for better skin. 

HIIT: the Best Anti-Aging Workout Around

When it comes to anti-aging exercises, cardio is the award-winner. And of all the cardio out there, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be the most effective, since it slowed signs of aging when compared to lifting weights. 

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Yoga: Your Fountain of Youth

A recent study revealed that yoga may lead to the production of 3 powerful anti-aging hormones—cortisol, DHEA and melatonin. 

DHEA is known as the be-all-end-all anti-aging hormone. The older we get, the less DHEA we produce. But by regularly practicing yoga, you’ll quickly find your own fountain of youth! As you deepen your yoga practice, your stress levels will lower, resulting in the production of more DHEA. 

Couple that with a tranquil night’s sleep from the increased production of melatonin and you’ll be looking younger in no time! 

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Weight Training: Reverse Your Genetic Profile 

Ok, this might seem like I’m contradicting myself since I stated that HIIT beat out weight training in the anti-aging department. But it certainly still has its merit. 

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According to research, weight training increases the amount of mitochondria by 30 percent in older adults who exercise 3 times a week. This is important because cellular health is linked to mitochondrial health.

The mitochondria—the energy-generating mechanisms in cells—reverse the genetic profile of your DNA through exercise. That’s a fancy way of saying weight training is not only good for your muscles but it’s also great for your skin. 

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If you’re exercising regularly, you probably already notice how much smoother and brighter your skin is. But if you’re just starting out, don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice changes right away—it could take between 3 to 6 months to see a difference.

Move over super fancy face cream! Say hello to exercise—the natural way to take years off your face.

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