Increase flexibility
10 Weeks
Vinyasa-Style Yoga Flows
Enjoy this vinyasa-style yoga series as you continue to improve your body awareness and control. Focus on your breathing while moving through each new movement to continually build towards your next challenge. Just go with the flow!
Inspiring Yoga Instructors
Your expert yoga instructors will guide you through every challenge and provide appropriate modifications for each flow. You'll be well taken care of—we promise!
Learn New Yoga Skills
You'll continually improve your body awareness and control over the course of this 10-week program. As you progress through each session, keep aiming high. Every workout has a new challenge in store for you, so you can improve upon your technique and skills.

Why Yoga Intense?

Boost your strength and endurance with "Yoga Intense." Each powerful vinyasa flow begins with a series of strong poses. Then, amp up the intensity with more complex and creative movements. You’ll break a sweat through continuous movements, high-energy repetitions and arm balances for a full-body burn in a short period of time. Be prepared for a sweaty, invigorating practice that will get your heart rate up. Feel strong in your mind and body and drop into the flow.
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