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6 Must-Try Summer Fitness Trends Shaped By Consumers Like You

In the past, fitness and health trends have been shaped by those working in the industry. Companies have essentially manipulated our beliefs about what’s healthy and good for us. That’s all about to change. Thanks to the rise of social media and the Internet boom, people are starting to speak out. Messages once sent by leading fitness companies—”lose 10 pounds in one week,” “get the body you’ve always dreamed of”—are now being discredited. 

The people spoke, companies listened. This summer marks a new mode of thinking. Consumer voices are now shaping the fitness industry. Here are 6 must-try summer fitness trends shaped by consumers like you.

#1 Working Out for Wellness, Not Results

In the past, every fitness article you read gave the inside scoop on shedding pounds or getting the body of your dreams. In 2020, that sh*t don’t fly! 

As the times change, so do people. Now, people are starting to work out more for wellness and less for that perfect body. While fitness is a means to losing weight, it has become increasingly more holistic, with a focus on the mind and body. 

So, stop looking at those numbers on the scale and start paying attention to other stats that matter—like steps, sleep, tracking your intake of fruits and veggies, cholesterol and blood pressure. There’s no better time than now for long-term success instead of short-term goals. Make fitness a habit, not a quick fix. 

#2 Building a Solid Foundation

To reap the benefits of your workouts, you have to build a rock-solid foundation to execute each exercise with proper form. The only way to get results without risk of injury is to perfect each movement. This way, you’ll walk out of each class without your body aching. 

In 2020, you’ll see more programs focused on low-impact exercises that protect the joints and prevent injury. “Quick fix” workouts and “burn-the-most-calories” classes will become less important as people start to realize that pain doesn’t always equal gain. 

#3 Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

Say bye-bye to the days of pushing through a workout as quickly as possible while neglecting your form. In 2020, fitness classes and wearable tech allow more and more people to become increasingly active and remain active with less risk of injury. 

Better movement is connected to pain reduction, which increases our ability to perform at a higher level and stay active for longer periods of time. Fitness programs like Gymondo measure and track your performance over time and offer modifications for every single exercise based on your fitness level. This allows our fitness professionals to make better decisions when devising customized programs for each individual. 

#4 High-Intensity Low-Impact Training (HILIT) 

We’ve all heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is still very popular. And the benefits of HIIT are well-studied, including top-notch calorie burn, improved cardiovascular fitness and a mega boost to your metabolism. But it’s HILIT that’s making waves. HILIT allows you to get the same sweat-induced benefits as HIIT without the undue stress on your body. So, while HILIT is physically taxing, it is a much gentler way of training your body. The low-impact exercises in HILIT classes remove stress on the joints, making it a feasible training solution for any and all fitness levels. 

#5 Adding Meditation to Your Training

Have you found yourself struggling to fit both a workout and a meditation practice into your busy schedule? In 2020, this will get much easier as more and more fitness professionals are incorporating meditation into their workout programs. 

Our lives are busier than ever before and we hardly take the time for ourselves. But 15 minutes of HILIT followed by 10 minutes of meditation can transform your life very quickly. Set aside a slice of time each day and reap the health benefits of meditation. Make 2020 your year for greater peace, self-compassion, gratitude and joy. 

#6 Community-Driven Fitness

It’s so much easier (and way more fun) to stick to a workout routine when you have a supportive community of like-minded people along for the ride. Now, more than ever, we seek connection in all aspects of our life—from work to relationships and especially when it comes to fitness. Instead of hitting up the gym by ourselves, we want to train alongside others. In 2020, expect a rise in sweaty selfie check-ins, live-streamed classes, online challenges and community-based chats with fitness apps. Having a team of cheerleaders helps make those tough training days more achievable. And even if it’s a virtual connection, it can be equally as strong. 

So, there you have it—lots of new fitness trends to keep you motivated and active all summer long. Which one will you try first? 

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