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Losing weight without exercising – is that possible?

Is losing weight without exercise possible? All right, then we’ll just close our online gym at Gymondo and enjoy the free time! All jokes aside: exercise lets you reach your weight loss goal faster, but now and then you can lose weight without exercising. Here are 10 brilliant tricks you can use to get your weight under control without physical exercise.

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10 tips to lose weight without exercising

If you want to lose weight, you have to move regularly. However, in everyday life between work, household, family, friends and hobbies, it’s often hard to find the time to exercise. If we do find the time, then we prefer to spend that precious free time relaxing. That’s why I’ll show you 10 simple tricks that burn calories, boost your metabolism, and help you eat less.

1. Take your bike

For short and medium distances, the bike is clearly the better choice compared to the bus and train. You exercise, you’re out in the fresh air, there’s no delays and no other passengers to bother you. Make sure you walk for at least 15 minutes every day and take the stairs over elevators and escalators. This helps you move at least a little bit every day and not completely shut down your body to quiet mode.

2. No sugar, no chemistry, no alcohol

The tiny sins of everyday life quickly become big chunks of your calorie balance. If you are not exercising, you have to be particularly diligent when snacking! In general, you should avoid all foods with added sugar. In addition to alcohol, convenience products from the supermarket are a bad idea: they often have a high caloric density and they contain chemical additives and flavor enhancers.

3. House chores

Cleaning, tidying up, and renovating get you moving and burning calories while completing annoying tasks. So be sure to get a good sweat on when vacuuming and washing up. You’ll finish the task faster too.

4. High protein diet

Proteins fill you up longer than a diet rich in carbohydrates and fat. In particular, you can take in a lot of protein through lean meat and dairy products, legumes, fish and eggs. A plus: protein also prevents muscle breakdown and ensures that the pounds melt away from the fat deposits in particular. Take a look at our tasty recipes with protein power! 

5. Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb has been THE diet trend in recent years, because a reduced carbohydrate intake helps effectively reduce your body fat. In addition to the amount, the type of carbohydrates is crucial. Avoid quickly digestible carbohydrates, such as sugar and white flour. Instead, rely on complex carbohydrates with lots of fiber in moderation, such as wholegrain bread, legumes and vegetables – this will keep you full for a long time.

6. Exercise in the office

The daily work at the desk is torture for your health in the long term: Sitting for hours in the same position, hardly any movement, and food from the cafeteria, which is dripping with fat. Do something good for your back with mobilizing and strengthening exercises. You can only lose weight in a healthy way if you are fit and healthy! Your worst enemy is not your boss, but the vending machine? Take a look at our healthy office snacks and become your own healthy snack supplier! 

7. Motivation and discipline

If you want to reduce your body weight without a lot of exercise, you are facing a big problem: You can only lose weight with a calorie deficit. You can increase your energy consumption a bit with small tricks like climbing stairs, eating spicy food or small everyday exercises, but the effect is much smaller than you might think. Less food is not a solution either, otherwise at some point your body switches to the hunger metabolism and retaliates at times with the yo-yo effect. Only an extra dose of discipline will help, because every little food sin make its way to your hips in the blink of an eye.

8. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is a tremendous help with weight loss. Your body uses the rest period to regenerate – so you can go full throttle while you are awake and your circulation is running at full speed. Various studies have shown that a lack of sleep affects the feeling of hunger and quickly leads to obesity.

9. Fruits and vegetables

The fact that greens are healthy is well known. Fruits and vegetables are natural products, free from additives and rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. They are extremely low in energy compared to other foods and therefore are a must in your diet if you want to slim down without exercising. The German Nutrition Society recommends eating fruits and vegetables 5 times a day. By the way: If you do without sugar and sweets, an apple tastes twice as good!

10. Exercise at home

A few short exercises now and again can easily be integrated into your everyday life. Do some push-ups while the pasta water is boiling, do squats while your computer is booting up, or do 10 burpees before breakfast to wake up properly (spoiler: you’ll be wide awake afterwards). A few short strength exercises strengthen your muscles, the number one calorie burner in your body. This boosts your calorie consumption for the next few hours and goes much faster than strenuous cardio workouts. 

Set aside some time for exercising

Come on: at least exercise for a little bit! Exercising is good for you and fun – just do it! If you do not have time or cannot motivate yourself, at least do a quick run around the block, do a few squats or do a short Gymondo workout. You’ll feel better after you work out – and you will have also boosted your circulation. Small targets are easier to reach – and once you’ve started, the inner temptation to lay around is already half defeated. Maybe you even feel like continuing on after that? It can’t hurt!

Does losing weight without exercising make any sense?

Many people have very little time in their everyday lives or can do only a little exercise because of physical limitations. It is important that you move regularly and get your body going – no matter how! Because losing weight without moving is like going on vacation with the handbrake on: It takes longer and is tremendously annoying. So, you should keep fit within your possibilities. The main thing is that you do something and just start!

Gymondo converts couch potatoes

If you want to lose weight quickly, effectively and above all, healthily, the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is the only way to achieve that goal. With Gymondo, you will find numerous programs and workouts for every fitness level. In addition to short, crisp workouts, you can also find healthy nutrition plans and hundreds of daily weight loss formulas.

CandyChocolate, wine gum, licorice 
SnacksChips, salty snacks
Soft drinksCoke, lemonade
AlcoholBeer, wine, schnapps, cocktails
Processed foodsFrozen pizza, canned ravioli, microwavable meals

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