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Low-Carb Alternatives for Bread, Pasta, Etc.

At Gymondo, we’re focused on what really matters—a life-long commitment to health and well-being. While your body needs carbs (the good kinds), here are some low-carb alternatives to power you through your day.

The Bread Substitute: Rice Cakes

Bread is incredibly delicious and indispensable in most kitchens but most breads contain a high amount of carbohydrates. The food industry has jumped on the low-carb bandwagon and has started to produce so-called protein breads, which have significantly fewer carbohydrates but are replaced with three to 10 times the fat. Although not all fats are created equal, they still have a very high-caloric count.

While the debate is out on the nutrient value of rice cakes, the whole-wheat variety seems to be a suitable alternative to white bread. One rice cake (9 grams) only contains 35 calories but they’re lower in fiber and nutrients compared to whole-grain bread or crackers. Add some peanut butter and berries for a low-carb snack.

The Pasta Substitute: Vegetables

Spaghetti carbonara, bolognese or lasagna are indeed a culinary delight, but the carbs add up fast. Vegan chefs like Attila Hildmann have let us in on a little secret—vegetable spaghetti! Simply chop vegetables, such as zucchini or carrots into strips with the peeler and blanch in boiling water for five minutes. Add some sauce and enjoy!

Expert tip: try konjac pasta as a substitute. We tried it yesterday in the office. Zero calories, a consistency similar to pasta, neutral taste and therefore the perfect substitute for pasta dishes.

The Potato Substitute: Cauliflower

As you may know, vegetables are low in carbohydrates. Cauliflower should definitely be on your plate more often, especially if you’re a potato lover. The reason: anyone who likes to eat mashed potatoes will be more than convinced by mashed cauliflower! One hundred grams of potatoes contain 14 grams of carbohydrates, while 100 grams of cauliflower contains only 2.5 grams. Just try it!

The Rice Substitute: Quinoa

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal cooked like a grain that contains large amounts of protein, magnesium, iron and fiber. It is the ideal substitute for rice because it stimulates your digestion and keeps you feeling full for longer periods of time. It also supplies you with vital minerals. You can find it in most grocery stores.

The Cereal Replacement: Chia Seeds

Common cereals claim to help you start your day off on the right foot. Unfortunately, they contain additives and simple carbohydrates, mainly sugar. A great substitute for these sugary varieties is chia seeds. This miracle seed is a superfood—a nutrient-rich omega-3 fatty acid with high amounts of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, In addition to the many nutrients, chia seeds increase their weight 10 times when exposed to liquids, keeping you full for longer periods of time.

The Wheat Flour Substitute: Almond and Coconut Flour

Cakes and cookies are a real treat but they’re packed with sugar. A good alternative for your baking experiments is almond or coconut flour. If you’re feeling experimental, there are a lot of recipes to test out in the Gymondo app.

Take note: you may have to adjust the amount of flour you’re using for certain recipes.

The Potato Chips Substitute: Vegetable Chips

Find yourself reaching for a bag of chips when binge-watching Netflix? Studies suggest we like to reach into the chip bowl while watching films. A great alternative to junk food munchies is oven-baked or roasted vegetables. Crunchy, low in calories, and extremely tasty, there are great recipes in the Gymondo app. This way, you’ll have total control when it comes to seasoning your favorite vegetables!

Change Your Diet With Gymondo

Use these tips for some low-carb options. And if you have some tips of your own, do share. Leave us a comment below.

For additional recipes, start your free trial with Gymondo. Here’s to getting fit and feeling happy.

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