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Strength training: The best diet in the world

Frau mit Sixpack

Do you want to lose weight? Are you torturing yourself with hours of endurance training? Stop! Dennis explains why weight training is the best diet in the world.

What good does weight training do when losing weight is supposed to be best achieved with the biggest possible calorie deficit? Is this not done with cardio training? In this article, I’ll give you the 5 best arguments for losing weight with strength training.

Muscles not only give you a defined, sexy body, but they also burn a lot of calories.
Why exercise at all? Aren’t six-packs made in the kitchen anyway? Simply eat healthily and do without certain things. After all, losing weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. So, shouldn’t it be completely irrelevant if, and above all, what type of exercise you do?

No! If you only pay attention to your diet or only do endurance training, you will not achieve success in the long run. I have 5 reasons for you, which show you why you can’t do without strength training.

Why you only want to lose weight with strength training

Before I get to the 5 most important reasons, one thing must be said:

Through strength training, you optimally set your body hormonally to lose weight without losing muscle. Your metabolism is pushed and ultimately you burn more calories than with pure cardio training.

5 reasons to lose weight with strength training

# 1 Training with weights speeds up your fat loss

Intensive strength training, which includes complex exercises such as squats, deadlifts or lunges, burns more calories than a treadmill session. With complex exercises, you train several large muscle groups at the same time and achieve results even faster. Building muscle, in turn, increases your basal metabolic rate. This is more effective than any diet in the long run!

# 2 Strength training also protects your muscles in a calorie deficit

By now, you should know that your muscle mass decides how high your daily basal metabolic rate is. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn without having done anything. Sounds perfect, right? However, most people lose a lot of muscle while trying to lose weight, because their calorie deficit leads to the loss of muscle mass. 

Your silver bullet for losing weight? Strength training! Strength training also protects your muscles in a calorie deficit. If you also eat enough protein, then you’re safe.

# 3 Muscle training boosts your metabolism

By doing weight training, you even burn calories when you are not exercising! Right after your intense strength training, your body needs to start repairing your muscles and building new muscle mass. Depending on the degree of destruction, this process lasts for several hours and ensures that you are also losing weight while chilling on the couch. This so-called after-burning effect is significantly higher during strength training than during endurance training with medium intensity. However, there is one method that overshadows all forms of exercise in terms of the after-burning effect: the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! 

# 4 Strength training is the tool you use to sculpt your body

As I’ve mentioned before, the shape of the muscle is not affected by the training. That said, you can easily decide where you want to build muscle. Strength training is your tool to shape your body the way you always imagined it. You have just over 650 muscles to choose from, to change your look and, more importantly, the way you feel about your body. 

# 5 Forever 18 with muscle building training

Which of the many fountain of youth remedies have you already fallen for? Super effective anti-aging creams with extremely pricey ingredients? Expensive hormone treatments that provide you with the ideal cocktail to renew your cells? Maybe just the massage equipment that promises to tighten your skin and work the bumps out of your body? No more! There is no silver bullet and you have to stop dreaming of a shortcut – just get started and shape your body with fitness training!

From the age of 40, your body continuously reduces its musculature. However, muscles not only serve as supportive aids in order to keep upright in old age, but also ensure a good-looking silhouette and the ability to be mobile, even in old age. Almost everyone knows the saying: USE IT OR LOSE IT! You can only slow down the muscle reduction process through strength training. Surely this option is not as easy as an injection from the doctor or a vibrating miracle belt on the abdomen, but this method is guaranteed to work.

Weight training has many more benefits

Training to build muscles has many other positive effects on your body. It strengthens your cardiovascular system too. Cardio training isn’t the only training capable of this. It improves your blood levels, gives your bones more stability and lets you react more sensitively to the peptide hormone insulin.

The right balance of cardio and strength training is a good argument, but you should pay more attention to weight training as you get older. If you don’t have a lot of time for exercise during the week, your focus should be on strength training as well. If you exercise several times a week, you can follow the rule of thumb of 3:1 or 3:2 (strength training: cardio training).

Strength vs. cardio – which training is better?

Why do so many “weight loss experts” still recommend cardio training?
Quite simply – with endurance training and a healthy diet, the initial success is significantly higher. “Lose 10 kg in 8 weeks!” just sells better than “achieve and keep your dream weight forever!” Everyone in the field knows that strength training is the only way forward, even if it doesn’t bring the fastest results. No one wants to talk bad about cardio training and as long as your ratio of strength training to cardio is right, everything is OK and your journey can begin.

Was I able to convince you that strength training is the best diet? Then start now with Gymondo!

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