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Success Story: Cathy Shares the Most Important Factor That Helped Her Lose Weight

Weight loss doesn’t just happen overnight. Here, Cathy shares her biggest motivators in her weight loss journey and simple changes she made to achieve her fitness goals with the help of Gymondo. Find weight loss inspiration and some important life lessons from her powerful story. 

What was your main motivation to start working out?

“I wanted to lose weight and get rid of chronic back problems.”

How did your fitness journey begin? 

“For years, I’ve suffered from back pain. At some point, my physiotherapist suggested fitness training. She literally said it was my only solution to diminish my long-term pain. I took her advice and signed up for a gym. But I didn’t really know what I was doing, so my time at the gym was short-lived. 

“I tried a few other fitness classes but wasn’t that motivated by any of them. At first, I went all out, but after a short while, I lost my momentum—repeatedly falling victim to the yo-yo effect.”

How did you hear about Gymondo? 

“After all my unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, I finally discovered Gymondo and started doing individual workouts. I found my perfect program in Get in Shape Beginner and was thrilled that my motivation stayed strong. Now, I’ve completed so many Gymondo programs that I’ve lost count. I’ve even discovered a new passion for weight training after completing Triple Strength.”

Tell us about your weight loss success. 

“Before 2019, I’d never really had a problem with my weight. Up to that point, my weight fluctuated between 70-75 kg. However, after prolonged back issues, I got to the point where I couldn’t work out at all in 2019. That’s when the weight came on—I gained 12 kg in one year!

“I felt absolutely miserable. That’s when I decided that 2020 would be my year to tackle my weight problem. In March of 2020, I bought a tailor-made training and nutrition program and did it in parallel with the Gymondo workouts. In four months, I lost a total of 8 kg, which showed on my waistline and around my hips. Since then, I feel much better and, above all, happier! “

How do you continually stay motivated?

“In general, I’m pretty determined. After discovering Gymondo, I watched tons of workout videos and purchased loads of books on everything health- and fitness-related. These little nuggets of wisdom helped me bring consistency into my everyday life. 

“But of course, I still slip up. I’m human, after all. When I start to slack off, I take a look at my body and think about how I looked and felt before Gymondo. Realizing that I never want to feel that way again, I pack up my fitness gear and head to the studio to get in a workout.”

What do you like most about Gymondo?

“What I love most about Gymondo is that I can train anytime, anywhere. The app is easy to use and the motivational emails about training and nutrition push me to keep going.”

How has your weight loss success changed your life?

“I’m way more satisfied and much happier. It also helps that I finally feel sexy!” 

What advice would you give to those just starting their fitness journey? 

“If you’re brand new to fitness, it’s important to perform each exercise properly to reduce the risk of injury. Luckily, Gymondo provides modifications for every single exercise. It’s important to watch the trainer carefully so you learn proper technique before advancing to more difficult exercises.

“It’s also important to pay special attention to your diet and drink plenty of water. In my opinion, these are the two key components of health and wellness. And remember to make yourself a top priority. After all, health is the best present you can give yourself.”

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