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An Unbelievable Before-And-After Fitness Transformation

This badass woman will inspire you to start summer on the right foot. 

When Rosa embarked on a mission to change from “unfit” to a “fitter” version of herself, she was hoping to lose fat and find some muscle. But she ended up transforming herself in more ways than she could have ever imagined. 

Rosa lost 30 kilos with Gymondo! Read what inspired her to keep moving and take a peek at her incredible before-and-after photo. 

What made you decide to train with Gymondo? 

“I’ve always been pretty active. During college, I signed up with a local gym. But I soon realized I didn’t have time to train regularly. Due to bad eating habits and a lack of exercise, I gained 20 kilos within two years. When my last pair of pants were too tight for me, I realized something had to change. At first, I tried to lose weight on my own but soon realized I needed some help. That’s when I found support through Gymondo.”

What made you stick with it? 

“I was immediately impressed by Gymondo’s nutritional plan and the variety of workouts. Once I started, it didn’t take long before I felt fitter and healthier. When my pants started feeling looser and people started taking notice, it motivated me even more to continue. Now, working out and eating healthy has become a habit that I stick to. It’s just a regular part of my everyday life now.” 

What’s your proudest moment? 

“There’ve actually been quite a few, but I think the proudest moment for me was when I went from a size 44 to 38. I felt like I had really accomplished something, which was great for my self-esteem and confidence.” 

Which program did you use to lose weight?

“I started with Gymondo’s 10-week program, Get in Shape Beginner. After the program finished, I tried another 10-week program, Beach Body Bootcamp. Through these two programs, I reached my dream weight. Now, I’m fine-tuning with Cardio Core.”

How long did it take you to lose the weight? 

“With Gymondo, I lost 20 kilos in six months. In total, I lost 30 kilos in one year.”

What changes did you make to your diet? 

“I was pretty strict with my dietary plan. I omitted sugar, white flour and alcohol from my diet. I loaded up on vegetables, fruits and lean protein sources. Most of the time, I cooked in advance and brought the leftovers with me to uni or work the next day. Of course, I rewarded myself with the foods I love every now and again but I was careful to watch the serving size. I guess you could say I treat myself with a clear conscience.”

What has this transformation meant to you? 

“I learned how to stay fit in the long-term. There are no quick fixes to weight loss. You have to make exercise and nutrition a daily part of your life. Overall, I feel healthier, happier, fitter and simply more comfortable in my own skin.” 

Is there any advice you’d like to share? 

“Every new beginning is difficult. But when the first step is taken, it will quickly become much easier. It’s best to take one day at a time. Those small daily changes eventually become habits. Above all, trust Gymondo and the trainers. It really works.” 

Now it’s your turn! 

Rosa has not only transformed her body, she’s transformed her mind. Start your own success story today. And be sure to check out more success stories here

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