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How Much Exercise Does It Take to Burn Off Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

Fall has arrived and with it comes festivals, celebrations, parties and let’s not forget—Octoberfest. While the festivities may look a little different this year, there’s one thing that will remain the same—your good friend, alcohol. 

Most of us (including me) underestimate just how many calories are in alcohol. But over time, alcohol can lead to sneaky weight gain. Just one drink a night for one week could lead to an additional 1000 calories. 

Do you know how many burpees it would take to burn off those extra calories? Let’s just say it’s well over 700! 

In this article, we’ll explore what calories look like in different alcoholic beverages and how much exercise it would take to offset the caloric intake of your favorite drink. Warning: you may not like the results. Not to worry, we have some helpful tips to keep you sane while still having fun! 

How Alcohol Affects Your Body 

When alcohol is consumed, the body views it as a toxin and prioritizes breaking it down immediately. If you’ve eaten before, during or after the consumption of alcohol, your food won’t be digested as quickly, leaving more opportunity for your last meal to be stored as fat. Over time, those extra drinks will slow your metabolism, making it harder to burn fat as efficiently. 

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Helpful Tips to Still Have Fun

There’s no need to completely abstain from alcohol, especially since we could all use a drink now and then. The key is to drink in moderation. It’s helpful to take a look at your lifestyle and ensure that exercise is a part of it. 

Are you struggling to find exercise programs that you enjoy? Don’t give up! If you hate running, don’t do it. Keep looking until you find something you like. There is something out there for everyone. 

Fitness apps like Gymondo offer a huge variety of workout programs tailored to your individual needs and fitness level. From yoga to Pilates, barre, weight training and more, you’ll find short, 20-minute workouts that you can easily fit into your busy day. 

Once you find something you like, work diligently at staying consistent. Plan out your schedule to ensure you make fitness a part of your daily routine. 

Last but not least, don’t let a hangover become your excuse for not exercising. Instead of a high-intensity cardio workout on those hangover days, opt for a long walk in the park. It’s a surefire way to crush that killer headache and renew your energy.

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