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The Greatest Mother’s Day Gift is Self-Love

‎It’s Mother’s Day—a day of gratitude for many. And when it comes to moms, we show plenty of favoritism. After all, our mom is the best one in the whole wide world, hands down! But this holiday is about more than just thanking our moms for all they’ve done—it’s about showing ourselves (mother or not) self-love. 

Self-esteem has never been a hotter topic, and for good reason. It’s hard to show yourself the self-love you deserve when your confidence is low. In fact, 75% of young women reveal they don’t like how they look, four out of five are afraid of getting fat and 60% withdraw from social activities as a result of low self-esteem

Other research suggests mothers are more likely to criticize themselves in front of the mirror than childless women. Just imagine the trickle-down effect this has on a child. An insecure mom can easily transfer the same insecurities to her offspring. 

So, how can we—moms, aunts, daughters and women—increase our self-esteem and focus on the self-love we deserve? According to wellness expert, Kristy S. Rodriguez, “the more we fill ourselves up, the more we have to give.” 

Let’s find out how to love ourselves more! 

#1 Do What You Love

There’s not a singular definition for what constitutes self-love. It can be many things—weekend brunches with friends, hitting the gym 2-3 times a week or long walks in the park with your dog. The list is endless. But if you don’t make time for the things you enjoy, you’re depriving yourself of the self-love you need.

Experts suggest finding activities that leave you feeling balanced, happy and fulfilled. And let’s not forget about the importance of your social life. Mother or not, every woman needs an occasional adult night out. Add a regular monthly outing with friends to your schedule. Your mental well-being will thank you for it! 

#2 Live With Intention

Your life has meaning, so live it with purpose. Make it a point to wake up every morning ready to face your day enthusiastically. 

Identify what you want your life to communicate and contribute. This means finding a passion that you want to invest in. It could be personal, like your health and fitness or community-based, like social causes or local charity contributions. Whatever it is, write it down. It will bring new meaning to your life and give you something to strive for. 

Then, set goals to achieve it. Goals not only motivate us, but they also bring meaning to our life. When we reach our goals, we have a new sense of self-worth and confidence. Setting goals that are directly in line with your defined purpose will introduce intentionality into your daily life.

#3 Decide to Live Your Own Life

You’re the creator of your own life, so stop comparing yourself to others. You were born to live your life, not someone else’s. It’s only a waste of time to envy others. Instead, focus on self-improvement and determine what’s best for you. After all, you’ve only got one shot at this life. Make it epic! 

#4 Learn to Say No

Mother or not, you’re being pulled in a million different directions. From family to work obligations, gym time and checking in on friends, you’ve got so much going on, it’s hard to find the time for you. And while this might be the first time you’ve heard these words, “self-love sometimes means saying no!” 

Our lives are lived trying to please others. We sugar-coat conversations so we don’t hurt anyone’s’ feelings, we say “yes” when we mean “no” and we avoid uncomfortable situations just to keep the peace. 

But it’s time to start listening to your gut. The next time someone asks you to do something that you just don’t want to do, instead of saying “yes,” say “let me get back to you.”

Go home and ask yourself, “do I really want to do this?” “If the mere thought of doing “this thing” gives you a terrible sinking feeling, don’t do it! It’s that simple. Then, politely tell your friend or family member no. 

#5  Make A List Of Your Accomplishments

At the end of each week, write down your biggest accomplishments over the last seven days. Making this a weekly ritual is a great way to fall in love with yourself. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives in our life but it’s time to switch the script. Focus your energy on all the positives. This is a great way to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved and will keep you motivated to accomplish even more going forward!

Self-love is a process—one that you must work on every single day. Hopefully, these self-love tips inspire you to love yourself more, starting right now! And don’t forget to send your mom lots of love and gratitude and thank her for raising the wonderful person you’ve become! 

Have some self-love tips of your own? Do share! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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