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Holiday Self-Care: 6 Expert Tips to Prioritize Your Time

The holidays have the potential to derail even the best-laid intentions and routines.

With all those extra social events in your calendar (and that special celebratory buzz), it’s way too easy to slip out of your regular workout routine and healthy eating plan. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you navigate the holiday season while still prioritizing your time. 

#1: Find Power in Your Routine

Festive work parties—check. Reuniting with friends—absolutely. Family gatherings—so many! The holidays can pack out your schedule with social events. So it’s normal for regular commitments like working out to take a back seat. But, it’s times like these where sticking to your fitness goals will make a huge difference. 

Try planning out your workout schedule at the start of the week and give yourself small rewards for sticking to your goals. Keeping up healthy habits will make you feel amazing—your mind and body will thank you for it.

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#2: Buddy Up

Feeling motivated doesn’t come so easily sometimes. And with nobody holding you accountable, it’s totally normal to let things slide. That’s where a workout buddy comes in! 

Research suggests that working out with someone else—think partner or friend—can increase emotional bonds, improve the efficiency of your workouts and help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Sharing workout plans, providing encouragement and giving tips to one another will benefit the both of you. This holiday season, prioritize building stronger relationships and a stronger body. It’s a win-win! 

#3: Plan Your Meals in Advance 

It’s that time of year again—the food and booze are plentiful! Plus, you’re eating way more often than usual and at strange times. 

Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Foods high in sugar and trans fats contribute to poor digestion, which leads to bloating, constipation and (eew) flatulence. Let’s be real, nobody wants any of that ruining their fun.

Before heading off to that holiday work party, make sure to eat a balanced, healthy meal that’s high in protein. This will keep you fuller for longer and stop you from over-indulging. Feel your best in your party clothes and kiss poor digestion goodbye. 

#4: Commit to Daily Exercise 

Over the holiday season, it’s way too easy to find yourself melting into the couch with the TV remote glued to one hand and an unhealthy snack in the other. And while chillaxing is important, lying around all day can make you feel even more sluggish. Who needs that?

Whether it’s a light jog, ice skating or yoga, moving your body every single day has numerous benefits—more energy, increased endorphins and a better mood to name just a few. 

You can easily fit fitness into your work schedule or make it a fun and shared activity that the whole family can enjoy. It definitely beats arguing over which board game to play. Prioritizing your health (and getting your loved ones onboard) is the perfect holiday vibe. 

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#5: Watch Out for Those Pesky Liquid Calories

It’s a well-known fact that high alcohol consumption is detrimental to your body and mind. Not only that, alcohol leads to weight gain, impaired brain function and depression. 

The holiday season is full of opportunities to drink—with party invites around every corner. So, the chance to drink more than you should is higher than usual. 

And we all know how a hangover feels! They can derail your healthy eating and workout plans the next day, that’s for sure. 

Here’s some “drink” for thought. Why not swap out your favorite drink with alcohol-free substitutes or drink a glass of water every second round? Remember, the only thing you’re missing out on is a terrible hangover the next day. 

#6: Get a Good Night’s Sleep 

Holidays are meant to be relaxing, right?! If you find yourself becoming a little more stressed over the holiday season, you’re not alone. Stress is enhanced with late nights and lack of sleep. 

Poor sleep leads to irritability, brain fog and even weight gain. Getting a good night’s sleep helps your brain function, boosts your mood and gives you the energy needed to crush tomorrow’s workout. 

It’s easier said than done, but turning down late-night party invites will do wonders for your health. And if you really struggle with sleep, put away your devices and meditate to unwind before bed. Instead of waking up bleary-eyed and reluctant, you’ll feel refreshed and more motivated to stick to your workout routine. 

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Well done on taking these steps to prioritize YOU over the holidays. How good does it feel to nurture your body and mind? Do you have your own tips and tricks for taking time for yourself? Give us a shout in the comments below.

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