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Your 2021 New Year’s Fitness Challenge for Weight Loss

Your 4-week workout resolution is right here!

Welcome to Gymondo’s New Year’s Fitness Challenge for 2021! Below, you’ll find the official workout calendar—think of this as your complete schedule of events for every single day this month. Every high-impact workout in this challenge was designed to get your heart rate up and your body fat down.

Jumpstart your resolution and get started!

New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Ready to burn calories and shed stored fat? Get ready for 2 rounds of 2 moves for 30 days. Complete the required amount of reps for each exercise as quickly as possible while maintaining good form. After completing one round of two exercises with no rest, take a 30-second break before completing your final round. Here’s your 30-day schedule. Good luck! 

If you stick with it for 30 days, you might notice that the exercises on the last 5 days are a bit easier. It’s our way of rewarding you for a job well done.

*Not sure what some of these exercises are? No worries. Head here to find step-by-step instructions for each exercise. 


This is a high-impact, calorie-burning workout. If you’re new to fitness or are currently injured, it’s recommended to do the low-impact version. But if you’re in doubt as to whether you should be doing this at all, please consult your physician before getting started. Here’s a list of low-impact modifications for each exercise. 

High Knees

If you’re unable to do the high-impact version, simply march in place while driving your knees up to your chest. Right-left is considered one rep. 

Mountain Climbers

For a low-impact version, perform slow and controlled mountain climbers from your knees or complete fewer reps. Right-left counts as one rep. 

Drop Squats

Regular bodyweight squats are a great modification for this high-impact exercise. 


Let’s face it—burpees are tough. If you’re looking for a modification, simply walk your feet out, then back up and finish by standing tall. Keep repeating this until all reps are completed. 

Jump Squats

If you’re not in the mood for jumping, simply replace this exercise with bodyweight squats. 

Plank Jacks

Not gonna lie—this is a tough one. An easy modification is to walk your feet out and in as opposed to jumping. 

Plyo Lunges

Anytime the word “plyo” is used, you know there will be jumping involved. If you’re not up for this one, just perform forward stationary lunges instead. If the day calls for 10 reps, you’ll perform 5 each leg. 

Power Jacks

This exercise takes jumping jacks to a whole new level. If you want to burn calories but can’t perform the jump, either do regular jumping jacks or step one leg out to the side while bringing your arms above your head. Keep repeating until all reps are complete.

When performing the step-out modification, one rep is counted when both feet come out and in, so if the exercise calls for 10 reps, you’d perform 10 jacks each side. 

Plank Up-Downs

If performing this exercise from the high plank position is too difficult for you, simply place your knees on the floor for the modified version. Trust me, it’s still challenging! 


This lateral movement will challenge your fitness in new ways, but if it’s too difficult, you can step to the side as opposed to jumping. Another modification is to jump to the side and tap your inside forefoot on the ground for stability. 

For example, if you’re jumping to your right side, once you land on your right foot, tap your left forefoot on the ground behind your right. Then, quickly jump back to the other side by lifting your left forefoot off the floor and pushing off your right foot to jump to the left side. Tap your right forefoot on the ground behind your left and keep repeating until all reps are completed. Jumping to one side counts as one rep.  

Butt Kicks

A good modification for this exercise is to march in place while bringing your heels up towards your butt in alternating fashion. Right-left counts as one rep. 

Now…let’s get to it! Happy working out!

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