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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on Jumping Rope to Lose Weight

Hop to it, y’all! 

Jumping rope is one of the cheapest, most effective fat-burning workouts around. So, why not give it a try? 

From athletes to celebrities, more and more people are reaping the benefits of jumping rope.  

Check out the top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on jumping rope to lose weight. And be sure to try our fat-burning jump rope workout!

#1 Jumping Rope Really Does Burn a Ton of Calories

According to certified personal trainer Gabbi Berkow, jumping rope is the best exercise around for weight loss. On average, you can burn between 667 to 990 calories per hour jumping rope.

Even more interesting, research suggests that jumping rope burns more calories than running. In fact, you’d have to run an 8-minute mile to burn off more calories than you would by jumping rope in the same timeframe. 

According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, jumping rope has a MET value of 11, while moderate running at 5 mph (12-minute mile) has a MET value of 8.3.

The only way jogging can burn the same amount of calories as jumping rope is if you run really fast. Running at a speed of 7 mph (8.5-minute mile) has a MET value of 11, the equivalent of jumping rope. 

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#2 Jumping Rope Sculpts Your Calf Muscles 

If you envy showstopping calf muscles but haven’t found an exercise that does the trick, you’re not alone. Calves are typically one of the most neglected body parts because they’re so difficult to target. On top of that, genetics play a huge role in whether you have popping calves or not. 

The good news is, jumping rope is extremely effective in targeting calf muscles and engages them in a variety of dynamic ways. The landing phase of jumping rope has tremendous benefits for your calves since it helps improve the elasticity of the tendons and fascia (connective tissue) which surrounds them. 

#3 Jumping Rope Improves Your Cardiovascular Fitness & Health

Jumping rope increases your heart rate much higher (2 to 3 times faster) than any other form of cardio, including jogging and cycling.

If you do it on the reg, jumping rope will benefit your cardiovascular system in the long-term, not only improving your heart health but preventing weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and a number of other medical conditions. What more reasons do you need to skip the cardio machine and opt for a cost-effective jump rope? 

#4 Jumping Rope Improves Your Bone Health

Load-bearing exercises such as weight training or jumping rope require you to load your spine. Over time, loading your spine will significantly improve your bone health and help you maintain bone mineral density into adulthood

But it’s not only adults who benefit from load-bearing exercises. Young people, females in particular, benefit even more from weight training and/or jumping rope, especially since load-bearing exercises aid in bone development.

This is why it’s so important to implement load-bearing exercises from the onset of puberty onward because after you reach 20 years of age, it’s much harder to increase bone density.

#5 Jumping Rope Makes You Smarter

Can exercise really make you smarter? The short answer—yes!

Jumping rope can actually improve your cognitive function because it involves learning new motor patterns, which improves the nervous system communication between your body and brain. While improving cognitive function is important at any age, it’s extra beneficial as we get older. 

Don’t Skip Out on These Jump Rope Workouts


Jumping rope continues to be one of the most underrated types of exercise around. However, it’s one of the most effective forms of cardio you can do. Invest in a jump rope to burn tons of calories, improve your cognitive function and heart health, sculpt your calf muscles and strengthen your bones. 

While Gymondo doesn’t offer jump rope workouts just yet, we’re constantly adding new fitness programs, so keep your eyes peeled. In the next few months, we’ll release 8 new programs, with more added continually. For now, choose from over 30+ programs, 300+ workouts and 1000+ recipes. Start free. 

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