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Weight Gain Success Story: Amela’s Body Transformation

Most success stories focus on significant weight loss. And while losing weight is an important goal for many women, some are more focused on gains rather than losses. 

Even though gaining weight may not sound as challenging as losing weight, the journey isn’t easy. 

If you’re looking for weight gain inspiration, let Amela’s journey give you the much-needed motivation. Her journey from skinny to sculpted serves as motivation for all who are trying to gain weight in a healthy way. 

Find out how Amela found new self-confidence through regular strength training with Gymondo and transformed into a strong, confident woman. 

Many of us start working out to lose weight. With you, it was just the opposite. What motivated you to gain weight? 

“I was bullied in high school and college for being too thin. At some point, I no longer found myself attractive, nor did I feel comfortable in my own skin. I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to be a victim anymore, so I took matters into my own hands. That’s when I dedicated my time to fitness.

“From the very beginning, my motivation was unwavering. I had the ambition and courage to change something about myself and wanted to show everyone that I’m not an easy target for their ridicule. Many of the Gymondo trainers motivated me with their own stories, especially Lisa Del Piero and Sophia Thiel. Lisa’s story was very similar to mine. I thought to myself, if she can do it, so can I.”  

What was your main training goal? 

“My main goal was to gain weight and get stronger. After two years of training, I’ve come much closer to reaching my goal. The pounds slowly started coming on and my muscles are finally starting to show.”

What do you like most about training with Gymondo?

With the help of Gymondo, Amela gained 8 kg of lean muscle.

“What I like most about Gymondo is the versatility, variety of programs and wonderful recipes. There’s something for everyone. And of course, I love the fitness trainers!” 

How do you stay motivated to keep training even when life throws you curveballs? 

“When things didn’t go as I had planned—seeing results fast enough—I would watch motivational videos from fitness influencers. This gave me strength even in difficult times. If that didn’t work, I’d train with friends or scour the internet for fitness tips.”

What is your most noteworthy achievement to date? 

“When I finally saw the first results after many months of hard work. It made me feel accomplished and proud that I was finally getting closer to my goal. Of course, the compliments I received encouraged me to keep going and made me feel like I was on the right track.” 

How has your transformation changed your life?

“Many people feel prideful when they lose significant amounts of weight and for good reason. For me, it was the complete opposite—I wanted to gain weight. My weight gain was associated with many positive changes. I’ve finally started loving myself, which was a feeling I’d never felt before. I also started feeling strong and beautiful in my own skin.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting their fitness journey? 

“Believe in yourself. You only have to prove your self-worth to yourself, no one else. The strength lies in you!” 

Write your own success story. Regardless of whether you want to lose or gain weight, start your journey today. With Gymondo, you’ll find 30+ programs for every goal—lose weight, gain strength, get toned and increase flexibility. Start your free trial now and transform how you look and feel. 

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