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1 day, 1 month, 1 year: This results in regular training

Those who exercise regularly will progress quickly. I’ll show you how quickly your stamina, strength and appearance will improve.

Have you ever wondered when you’ll be able to see the first results of your training? The answer will make you happy: If you train regularly, you will progress quickly. I’ll show you how quickly your stamina, strength and appearance will improve.

Frau beim GYMONDO Training zuhause.

One day of training

After a day of training, you will not be able to see any external changes to your body, but something is already happening in your body. You might even feel it, as your body releases endorphins after working out, and these make you feel inspired and good.

Your body recovers and adapts to be more efficient during your next workout. You may notice this in the days after in the form of muscle soreness.

One week of training

  • Endurance: After a week of regular training, a lot has happened. With every workout, you send a stimulus to your body that encourages it to adapt to your exercising. Your cardiovascular system will improve if you do endurance training, so you won’t be out of breath as much and you’ll be able to cover more kilometers.
  • Muscles: Your strength will also increase after a while. It is too early for muscle growth, but your muscle fibers network much better through exercise. This increases your strength and coordination.
  • Appearance: You can already lose some weight in one week, especially if you change your diet at the same time. But don’t throw in the towel after just a week if you aren’t seeing any visible results yet. The visible changes in the body take a little more time.

One month of training

If you go for a month and exercise regularly, you will definitely be able to achieve visible results. Because a lot can happen in 4 weeks…

  • Endurance: Your cardiovascular system is now more effective. If at the beginning of the month you were not able to run even a kilometer without taking a break, it may well be that you can now run five kilometers without gasping.
  • Muscles: Your strength should have increased. This strength increase is enhanced by the improved coordination of the individual muscle fibers, faster response of the muscles and the improved guidance and absorption of oxygen and nutrients in the muscle itself. In addition to the strength, muscle growth may also start now, depending on the exercise.
  • Appearance: After one month, your appearance should have changed a bit. Your body is more defined and toned. Your fat reserves have probably gone down a bit since you are burning more calories now.

One year of training

Hats off! One year of regular training is nothing to sneeze at. You will proudly stand in front of the mirror and see a whole new person. Whether lean, defined, curvy or muscular: a year of consistent training is enough to achieve your dream body!

  • Endurance: Your lungs can now do much more, and your heart is able to pump a lot more blood into the bloodstream at once. So, it does not need to work as much anymore. Your resting heart rate is lower. If it was your training goal, you can now run a marathon.
  • Muscles: After one year, you will have gained a lot of muscle doing strength training. Men can gain up to 13 kilograms of muscle in the first year. Women will gain less due to hormones, but a few more muscles are not bad for most women. With lean muscle mass, your body will burn more fat, for up to 48 hours after exercising. Your body will be slim and defined.
  • Appearance: Your skin will now be more beautiful and rosier, because toxins are excreted through sweat during your training and at the same time your blood circulation is improved. So after a year, you can see significantly less cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

What is your goal?

Of course, what exactly you achieve with your training also depends on what your goal is: You can achieve a bikini body, run a marathon, build muscle or become more agile and do the splits.

All these goals have in common that you will only achieve them if you exercise regularly. Start your Gymondo trial week, choose your personal goal and get your dream body!

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