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I’ve lost a few dress sizes!

“Fitness studios cost money, time, and get on my nerves.” That’s why Susann decided to do Gymondo at night after work while caring for her child. Read how she persevered!

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Susann had great success with the Gymondo programs: from a size 16 to a size 8.

Why did you start to exercise again and choose Gymondo?

I had gained too much weight after my pregnancy and simply couldn’t get rid of it. Just changing the diet was not enough for me because I mainly sit for my job, I simply needed more exercise. As a full-time working mom, a gym was out of the question for me. So I decided – online fitness would be perfect. Gymondo had such good reviews and was unbeatable in terms of price… It was the best decision I could make. I have already renewed my subscription for another year.

What made you commit to it?

Others telling me how great and healthy I look. I didn’t want to miss out on the feeling of being able to put on my old clothes that use to fit me. These are two things that really defeated the ‘couch potato’ within me.

What did your diet consist of?

No carbs, little dairy, no added sugar. Lots of vegetables, lots of protein, lots of legumes, lots of meat. After working out, I would always drink a protein shake with milk and fruit. Once a week, I had a cheat day where I could eat anything, especially chocolate. This was my reward for my progress.

Which specific Gymondo program did you do?

I started with Body Shaping, then the 15 Minute program, then Body Transformation, then Abs Legs Butt, and now I have just started with Pure Cardio. 

What did the programs do for you?

After some time I reached a point where I could feel my muscles again. The feeling that there was something other than just fat in my tummy was incredible. First, I realized that my back wasn’t so tense and my thighs were tighter. My skin was suddenly clear again and I felt very healthy which was also confirmed by those around me. I found all this incredibly motivating.

What were your results?

I fought my way down from a size 16 to a size 8. I like my old clothes again. Some of them are even too big.

What was your best experience/your biggest success?

My best experience was the moment when I fit into a pair of trousers that I bought years ago. That was my goal: “to fit in those again.” The best thing is to be able to go to a shop and say: “Size M – fits me” or “Bring me that in a size smaller.”

What advice would you give to others?

The most important thing is not to give up. At some point, it will become natural and routine: you’ll look forward to the evening workout because you know that what you’re doing works. Once you reach the point where you no longer have to push yourself, you know you’ve made it. Until then, it’s a tough road, but if it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. Eating only vegetables for 5 weeks doesn’t help. Eat a healthy diet and exercise: the weight loss will happen on its own. Above all, you should do it for yourself and not to please others. When you find yourself attractive, you will naturally show that, and those around you will reflect it back automatically.

How did you deal with the times when your progress slowed down?

I knew that if I gave up, that would be it. There were also times when the weight stagnated. I just didn’t let that bother me. Just keep on carrying on, stubbornly. On some days, you’re just not quite up to it. I would tell myself, “Fine, just do fewer reps today.” The main thing is to stick with it.

What was your start and end weight?

Starting weight 190 lbs, current weight 154.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m glad Gymondo was there to help me and I hope I don’t run out of programs to follow anytime soon. I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without the help and this program really provided what I was looking for. I can get fit without having to break the bank with an expensive gym membership.

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