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The 6 best cardio exercises to do at home

You don’t have to go jogging in all types of weather for endurance training. Julia will show you the best cardio exercises to do at home.

If you think your endurance can only be exercised on the treadmill or in the wild, you couldn’t be more mistaken. You don’t always have to leave your own four walls to get your heart pumping and improve your conditioning. There are some effective exercises that come pretty close to running in the forest. You can increase your stamina in any case and they are mostly also in the area of HIIT – so we push our fat burning enormously. 

1. Jump rope skipping

Springseil auf dem Fußboden für Cardio Training Zuhause

You can train your endurance effectively in your own home with a jump rope.

It’s the classic endurance sport that you can do at home. The jump rope is indispensable among boxers and CrossFit followers alike. Let’s be honest, they always look super fit!

So there must be something to jumping around. In fact, it’s super effective. In half an hour you can burn up to 400 kcal (but you have to do it first).

10 minutes is enough. That will be as effective as half an hour of running.

2. Jumping jacks

Mann springt Jumping Jacks auf dunkelroter trainingsmatte

We still know the jumping jack from our childhood. Wasn’t it a lot of fun? Who would have thought it would make it on our list for the best cardio exercises?

Jumping jacks are great for a small endurance unit in the living room. And the great thing is that the execution is still in our bones. It’s not easy to forget something like that.

3. Mountain climbers

Mann macht mountain climbers auf dunkelroter trainingsmatte

The new favorite among fitness trainers. It not only strengthens the abdominal muscles and whole torso stabilization, but it can also increase the conditioning if the mountain climbers are performed quickly enough.

Simply get into the push-up position and then alternately pull one knee after the other to the chest. 

4. High knee running

Mann rennt High Knee Run auf dunkelroter trainingsmatte

Recruited from running training to the living room, the high knee run gets the cardiovascular system going in any case. To do this, pull your knees alternately up to waist level. Your legs will be burning after one minute!

Make sure to always go the whole way and pull your knees as high as possible. We know it’s exhausting, but you want to get maximum results! 

5. Butt kicks

Mann joggt auf dunkelroter trainingsmatte

This exercise comes from running training and is great to do in the living room. It’s not as exhausting as the high knee running.

Nevertheless, butt kicks have their own value and push your stamina. Guide your heels dynamically towards the buttocks, as fast as you can!

6. Skaters

Mann springt Skater auf dunkelroter trainingsmatte

Now you can also imitate inline skating at home and you don’t even need to strap on the roller blades. Here, we jump from one leg onto the other and try to jump as far as possible to the other side.

When we land on the right leg, we bend it and stretch the left leg straight behind it, without it touching the ground. We bring the left leg back and use the momentum to push off with the right (supporting) leg and land on the left leg. Now the left (supporting) leg bends, and we extend the right leg diagonally behind it.

These are our 6 best cardio exercises to do in your living room. Incidentally, you can always run, walk or hop in place and vary the speed. That way you can always have a little endurance session in your workout.

Training at home with Gymondo

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