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5 reasons for weight gain despite exercising and eating a healthy diet

Already lost some weight, but the scales are now suddenly heading in the other direction? Carolin explains why that is!

You want to lose weight and you start off highly motivated. You eat healthy and the first pounds melt away easily, but then the shock: the scale suddenly shows a weight gain. Read on to find out why that is.

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There are many reasons for weight gain, but don’t worry: if you continue to exercise diligently and eat well, you will force your body to change.

A lot of people claim that losing weight is incredibly complicated. They say you need special diets, slimy shakes, or expensive pills… 

Let’s make one thing clear: if you want to lose weight, all that matters is a negative energy balance.

Yes, it really is that simple, period. That’s how the human body works. In plain English: either burn more calories than you eat or eat fewer calories than you burn. 

The two factors that help you lose weight are exercise and diet. The more you exercise, the more muscle you will have in the end.

Your muscles are the ovens where the calories are burned. On the other hand, little exercise in simple terms means: too little combustion → too much fuel → the fuel (calories) gets stored. It’s a simple calculation with a negative result for you…

So, what happens when the scale shows a higher number despite intensive exercise and a healthy diet?

1. Your body is not a machine

It has its own rhythm and your weight will fluctuate within a certain range. This is normal and might mean you see a few pounds extra on the scale the next time you weigh yourself. What’s important is that the weight’s going down over the long term. So keep an eye on the big picture: there’s no reason to panic.

2. Carbohydrates bind water

Did you eat something high in carbs the night before? Carbs bind water in the body, as many as 3 g of water for every gram of carbs. This means more weight on the scales in the morning. But this is water weight. Especially after a zero-carb diet, you may suddenly find yourself up by 10 pounds.

3. Hormones

Women may simply have more water in their bodies depending on their monthly cycle. Blame your hormones. Many women gain weight just before menstruation.

4. Calculation errors

It’s great if you are eating healthy, but healthy does not necessarily mean low in calories. You may have a positive overall calorie balance despite your healthy diet, because you are consuming more calories than you’re burning. If you exercise hard and regularly, just keep your cool. The scale is probably telling you that you’re building muscle mass, which weighs more than fatty tissue. In other words, you haven’t put on fat; you’ve added muscle.

5. Slow body processes

There is one more reason why your weight might not go down in spite of all your efforts. If you’ve been through countless crash diets  and fast diets then you may have lost muscle and tanked your basal metabolic rate because your body has learned to cope with less energy 

In this case, only patience will help to get you off this roller coaster for the long term, because the effects of those diets are a huge setback on the way to your goal. Take your time, eat healthily and sufficiently for a long time, and exercise diligently. You can be sure that your metabolism will recover if your body can learn to rely on getting fuel regularly.

Once you’re on the right path, then you’ll reach your goal. Find your pace, find a workout that you really enjoy, find healthy things that you like to eat and that are good for you. In other words: just stick with it!

Healthy weight loss with Gymondo

With regular exercise and a healthy, low-calorie diet, you will teach your body to become leaner and fitter over time. Gymondo will help you get there with regular workouts and with a healthy nutrition plan without starving.

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