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How to Micro-Meditate in 60 Seconds to Stay Mindful Even If You’re Too Busy

Here’s your shortcut to a happier life. 

Is your work-from-home life beginning to blur into your personal time? You’ve just worked way longer from home than if you’d been at the office. You’re tired, hungry and cranky. If you just had the energy to focus on yourself. Now you can! 

It might surprise you to find out that in just a few minutes, you can reset your mind, renew your energy and de-stress from your 10-hour workday. Incorporating a one- to two-minute micro-meditation practice into your daily life is the perfect opportunity to take a step back from all the stresses in your life, recharge and refocus. 

Contrary to what you might think, setting aside just a few minutes a day for your mental health is easily accessible for even the busiest of schedules. 

Here’s everything you need to know about micro-meditation and how to integrate it into your daily life, even if you’re too busy. 

What Are Micro-Meditations?

Despite all the research indicating the amazing benefits of meditation, most of us fail to turn the practice into a habit. If you’re a myth believer (like me), you probably think you have to sit in an uncomfortable position for 30 minutes or more to feel enlightened. Luckily, you don’t. 

Think of micro-meditations as small bursts of mindfulness that are used to tackle negative thoughts, difficult situations, feelings of stress and lack of energy. If you’re using exercise as a means to shape your body, you should use meditation to sharpen your mind. The best part: micro-meditations can be done anywhere at any time in just 60 seconds. 

Experience the Benefits of Meditation in Just 60 Seconds 

It’s time to dedicate 60 seconds to your mental health. Here’s how to add micro-meditations to your daily life: 

  1. Get comfortable. Whether you’re at the office, in your car or in the park, find your spot and sit in a comfortable position. 
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
  3. As you breathe in, focus on your lungs expanding. As you breathe out, focus on letting go. Focusing on your breath for 60 seconds connects your mind to your body, which creates a calming effect. 
  4. While you’re focused on your breathing, silently count your breaths. Deeply drop into your body and mind, like a weight that’s been lifted. 
  5. When thoughts infiltrate your mind, welcome them, then let them go. You’ll be surprised at how just 60 seconds can help your refocus and recharge. 

More Micro-Meditations to Try

You can literally practice attentional, emotional and cognitive micro-meditations anytime, anywhere. If you’ve never tried meditation or are simply not into it, here are three more micro-mindfulness options to try. See if one’s right for you! 

  1. Eat mindfully. Engage your senses before enjoying your next meal. Focus on the smell of the food, the texture, how your body reacts to the taste. Take your time when chewing and breathing. This is especially helpful in understanding the feelings of satiety (fullness). 
  2. Pay attention. Focus on an object you love—a family portrait, a letter you’ve received from a close friend, etc. Bring all of your attention to this object. Take a few seconds to appreciate the moment. You should feel your senses become sharper as other thoughts begin to disappear. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. 
  3. Move in slow motion. Pick any activity and do it at half speed. For example, the next time you step into your shower, move in slow motion. Slowly turn the knob, feel the water droplets on your skin and the change in temperature. When shampooing your hair, slowly massage it into your scalp. Whatever activity you choose, focus on how it feels—the texture, the scent, etc. 

How to Incorporate Micro-Meditations Into Your Daily Life

If your goal is to live a happier life, slowing down and quieting your mind plays a significant role. Finding a routine that fits your needs is the key to reaching this goal. Micro-meditation helps you incorporate short bursts of quiet moments into your daily life. 

Develop a short routine—focus on a portrait, eat mindfully, move in slow motion or implement a 60-second meditative practice—to make mindfulness a habit. 

Micro-meditation will take you from a state of overstimulation to the present moment. It will teach you to focus on the small wonders of the world—an ability we are longing for in a world filled with distractions and chaos. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a mindfulness guru, bringing micro-meditations to your daily life will uplift your spirits and fill you with gratitude. Finding joy in the present moment should be your ultimate mission. 

A mix of exercise and micro-meditations is the perfect blend to lead a healthier and happier life. Explore 30+ results-driven fitness programs and 300+ motivating workouts with Gymondo. Start your free trial today! 

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