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5 Ways to Create Positive Energy by Staying Hydrated

Water, in recent years, has been coined “the latest celebrity skincare secret.” But this mystery elixir helps with more than just making J-Lo’s skin glow. Feeling sluggish? You may be dehydrated. Uninspired and utterly hopeless? Drink more water. No wonder people hydrate as if their life depends on it. It does. 

While you may already know that your body is composed of 75% water and that you should drink 2-4 liters of water per day, there’s still way more to learn when it comes to quenching your thirst. 

What you may not know is that water carries both positive and negative energies, just like your thoughts. In this article, we’ll discuss the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his experiments on water. We’ll then show you five ways to create positive energy by staying hydrated. 

Positivity Transforms Water

Dr. Emoto, the Japanese scientist who authored the New York Times bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact our physical realm. The most important water researcher of our time, Emoto suggests that water will transform when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

After placing positive words, playing uplifting music and sending prayers to glasses of water, Emoto’s experiments (visible through a microscope) showed the creation of beautiful water crystals. However, when water was exposed to fearful human interactions or sounds—screaming, fighting, heavy metal music—disturbing microscopic images were visible. 

5 Ways to Create Positive Energy by Staying Hydrated

Emoto confirmed that bringing good intentions to water has a profound energy impact at the molecular level. Because our bodies and water contain energy, exposing both to positive experiences will foster a happier and healthier life. Prioritize drinking high-quality, pure water that’s been exposed to positive language. Your health and well-being will thank you for it. 

Here are five ways to increase your positive vibes. 

#1 Write Positive Messages on Your Water Bottle

Long-time fitness coach, Marife Sanvictores, says “humans are impacted by words and sounds. So is water. I write positive words on my water bottle to bring good intentions to myself and what I’m hydrating my body with.” 

Give it a try. Write (or paste) some lovely words on the bottles you’re drinking from. “Joy,” “Forgiveness” and “Peace” are worthy words to consider. Feel free to change up your words based on your needs. Replace them with important focal points for your life, whether it’s “Compassion,” “Self Worth,” or “Shame-Free.” Experiment with words or keep a few as your ongoing mantra. It’s totally up to you. 

#2 Positive Self Talk

Since we now know that both our bodies and water contain energy, the way we talk to ourselves impacts how we feel. So, talk to your body nicely. Your thoughts and words have a direct impact on how your body responds, both psychologically and physiologically.  

What does your body need to hear? It’s important to become aware of our internal dialogue because it shapes how we view ourselves. It helps to keep a gratitude journal. Start by writing five things you’re grateful for each day. Or take it one step further and jot down five things you’re most proud of each day. Soon, this will become something you’ll look forward to.  

Positive self-talk has a direct impact on how you see yourself and the world around you. And even if you don’t believe the words coming out of your mouth, keep filling yourself up with positivity. “I am worthy,” is a great starting point.   

#3 Get in Touch With Nature

For many of us, especially city-dwellers, we often forget the importance of solitude. With our busy schedules, it’s hard to make the time for ourselves. But we need that alone time to decompress and clear our minds. The best way to get back in touch with your body is to expose it to nature’s beauty. 

Immerse yourself in saltwater by taking a dip in the ocean. If that’s not an option, any natural body of water will do. Don’t know how to swim? Not a problem. Just get your feet wet. Let the natural water draw out the toxins from your body while you release serotonin, relieve stress and increase your energy. Reap the benefits of what nature has to offer for your mind, body and soul. 

#4 Show Your Water Some Love

Show your water some love and feed it with superfoods—ginger, citrus, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves or cucumber. Consider drinking superfood-infused hot water in the morning to jumpstart your day and before bed to sleep soundly. Hot water is considered a holistic health remedy that flushes toxins from your body and improves blood circulation. Not only that, sipping hot water will relax your muscles and improve your digestion.

#5 Sweat it Out

The benefits of steam rooms and saunas are plentiful but we’ll focus on one—your skin. Because we’re constantly exposed to environmental toxins, they can become trapped underneath our skin. Steam rooms and saunas help solve this problem by using heat to open up our pores and rid the toxins from our bodies. Sweating it out helps us feel energized and rejuvenated while releasing any impurities trapped in our bodies. 

Water for Thought

If you’re ready to get fit and feel happy, start your own Operation Hydration! Water is so many things—fatigue fighter, bearer of better skin and anti-aging phenom. Just like your body, water is energy. This energy is highly transformable and changes depending on what it’s been offered. To get more connected with our higher self, we must use what nature offers us in its purest state. This will keep our bodies working optimally and help us reach the highest level of enlightenment, happiness and health. Now, it’s your turn to test out our five ways to create positive energy. 

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