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Down 81 pounds in one year: Nicole’s success story

On April 10, 2017, Nicole decided to change her life and today, one year later, she has already lost 81 pounds, developed a passion for sports, and turned her life around.
Nicole shared her incredible success story with us and we couldn’t wait to share it with you:

What do you believe caused your weight gain?

I’ve always been stocky and overweight, but after quitting smoking almost 5 years ago and switching jobs at the same time, where there were delicious lunches provided every day, I just couldn’t stop putting on the weight. Food was my motivation, food was my comfort, my reward… I ate when I felt good, I ate when I felt bad, but rarely did I eat simply because I was hungry. This had to come to an end!

When did you realize it was time to make a healthier lifestyle change?

At some point, I realized that although I thought I was relatively fit, I was struggling. For example, I’d be completely out of breath after a short sprint, climbing stairs became increasingly difficult, and even 10 jumping jacks would wipe me out.

The more I noticed, the lazier I got.

Also, I no longer liked the way I looked in the mirror. The clothes I liked didn’t come in my size, and I could sense that others were aware that I had put on quite a bit of weight. I didn’t want any more pictures to be taken of me and when I would see one, I would tell myself: “It’s just taken on from my bad side!”

Was there a key moment that led you to start with Gymondo?

I made the conscious decision for myself that I did not want to continue this way. For me, changing my diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Not only did I want to lose weight, but I also wanted to get really fit, build muscle, and tone up my body.

What was your first positive experience with Gymondo?

Basically, my first workout with Oli. I started with the “Gymondo Beginner” program and my first workout was the “Fat Burner.” Oli has such a positive attitude that I was having fun with exercise again! Although I was completely worn out after my first workout, the feeling gave me a huge boost in motivation!

Were there any setbacks or moments of doubt?

Nope, never! Of course, there were moments (before or even during a workout) when I thought, “I really don’t feel like doing this today,” but I always stuck with it. (As Steven puts it, “Giving up is not an option!”)

Was there a moment of happiness when you realized it was worth it?

You bet! I’ve always been a big fan of the G-Star brand, but haven’t been able to wear their jeans for a long time. At some point, I bought a pair of jeans that were still too tight for me, but I liked them so much… Then came the day when they finally fit me!!! My first pair of G-Stars in years! The feeling was indescribable!

How did friends and relatives react to your change?

Initially, it took longer than I expected for someone to notice and talk to me about it. But eventually, it got to the point where you could see clearly that I’d lost weight and so the feedback was super positive: “Wow, it’s so great to see how much you’ve lost,” “You look much younger now,” “Respect for sticking with it!” All that makes you feel so good.

Was there anything that motivated you to stick to your goal?

My own progress was and still is my biggest motivation! At some point, it took on a life of its own: the more I worked out, the healthier I ate, and the more weight I lost, the better I felt… and this drove me to keep going, even if I didn’t always feel like training or eating healthy food. And the more I lost, the better clothes I could buy *lol*.

How long did it take to reach your goal? What were your results? How often do you work out each week on average?

I’m celebrating my one-year anniversary in April. I started in April 2017 and have lost 81 pounds since then. That corresponds to about 6 dress sizes.
My BMI dropped from 39.4 to 24.6 (= normal!).

I exercise at least 3 times a week, both with Gymondo and jogging or other sports. 

What has changed in your life since your transformation?

My life has changed in so many great ways. Not only do other people react positively to me, which encourages me to keep at it, but also my own attitude towards myself has become much more positive which makes me feel better than ever! I’m happier, I’m fitter, and I’m having fun working out and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also come to enjoy trying out and learning new sports (e.g. boxing, professional running training, etc.).

Many people want to achieve results like yours. What’s your advice to them?

If you want something to change, start with yourself! Nobody can do it for you! And if you have a day that just doesn’t work out for you or where you just want to treat yourself, then just do it! Take it off and continue tomorrow!
My experience is that a cheat day is more helpful in losing weight than a hindrance. But that’s MY personal experience. Everyone has to determine what they need to do for themselves.

The most important thing is to stick with it!

That’s why I initially defined 10 goals for myself that I wanted to achieve:

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week, no matter what! 
  • Set a small number of stages for your weight loss, break it down into units of 10 pounds or 10% of your goal, etc. 
    Break your goals down into smaller units and treat yourself whenever you meet one! 
  • Exercise even if you are tired, hungry, angry, annoyed, sad, etc. You’ll find out that you end up feeling so much better afterward.
  • Buy clothes that are still too small for you. It’s so exhilarating when you finally fit in them.
  • Donate the clothes that don’t fit anymore. You don’t ever want to have them fit again! So don’t leave a back door open to sneak back in!!!
  • View exercise and a healthier diet not as an exception, but as your new way of life; make unhealthy eating or a break from exercise the exception!
  • Take before and after pictures and place them next to each other like a collage. Nothing will display your success better than that!
  • You can do it! Those are not empty words – it’s the truth! The key is in yourself!
  • “Never try, never know!”
  • Finally, create a motto for yourself. Choose at least one song that totally motivates and drives you. Link this with the desire to exercise, so that you directly feel an urge to get moving whenever you hear it. You will see that it works wonders!

Do you have a final goal you’re currently pushing for?

I still want to crack the 88 pound mark, after which I will explore the weight I feel comfortable with and how much I can eat without gaining weight again. For me, it’s clear that I never want to look or feel as bad as I did a year ago ever again!
I will let you know how things work out! I wish all of you success on your journey!

Nicole did it. What about you? What are you waiting for? Start your own success story on Gymondo!

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