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Gymondo success: Nicolas lost 29 pounds

Nicolas had put on weight and weighed 220 pounds. He then decided to change his life with Gymondo’s diet and workouts. With the Gymondo diet and a few workouts a week, Nicolas has completely changed his body.

What made you decide to exercise again or start with Gymondo?

I no longer had any stamina and would have extreme lower back pain every now and then when playing soccer. I’d also get pain in my knees. In one match, I was really in a lot of pain and didn’t feel well at all. I then took my current “before” photo so I could look back at it whenever I needed a reminder. I had seen the Gymondo ads on TV many times but it was only then that I realized how much I needed to do something. So that’s when I decided to sign up.

What made you commit to it?

Wanting to become stronger and faster, especially in soccer, and to feel better. Because of my motivation, the diet was relatively easy for me.

What did your nutrition look like?

I like to cook at home and create my own recipes. I eat a lot of turkey, beef, fish, and vegetables of all kinds, and add lots of spices with chili flakes, hot mustard, wasabi, etc.

I ate little dairy or bread. I don’t eat sweets anymore. I’ve actually lost my taste for them. When I’m hungry for a snack, I cook up something based on the Gymondo food list. But the most important thing is water. I drink 2-4 liters of water a day.

Which specific Gymondo program did you do?

At first, I didn’t do any program. I concentrated on my food since I was already doing sports regularly with soccer. When I had lost 10 lbs. just by changing how I ate, I started with the Slim in 10 Weeks program and then I switched to Gymondo BURN, which I’m still doing.

What did the program do for you?

With Slim in 10 Weeks, I lost the remaining 30 pounds and now, with Gymondo BURN, I’m really powering up and training my whole body.

What do the results look like?

I easily lost 40 pounds in 8 months and I’m still losing weight. I can now wear size M shirts and my jeans are 31 inches now, they were 34 before.
My stomach is almost flat but my body is getting more and more defined.

What was your best experience/your biggest success?

To see 175 on the scale, because I’d skipped right past that mark when I was gaining weight and suddenly found myself at 200.

What advice would you give to others?

Don’t stress yourself over it. The whole thing takes time. The body needs time and you can’t do all this overnight. But always stay motivated! And never give up!

How did you deal with the times when your progress slowed down? 

I didn’t have any problems with the diet; I would only occasionally miss a GYMONDO workout or two due to soccer. I then made up for it on my days off or on days when I would have hung out on the couch.

How long did it take to achieve your current weight?

I started to change my diet in February 2015 and have stuck with it to this day. I’m still losing weight.

Your starting weight, final weight, height (& measurements)?

Start weight215 lbs.
Current weight174 lbs.
Body height5 ft. 9 in.

What tip do you have for others who want to lose weight?

It’s best to get someone to provide support. In my case, my mom does the shopping and tailors it to my diet. Find someone who wants to lose weight with you. Never give up and don’t hang your head if you slip. It’s not always easy, but if you don’t stress out over it, it’s not difficult either. So always keep calm and never lose motivation.

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