Increase flexibility
6 Weeks
Reduce stress
It is proven that stress has a negative impact on the body and the mind. Simple yoga based flows will lower your stress level over time.
Full body stretching
Every yoga flow contains asanas that will have a relaxing impact on your entire body as you simply let go.
Relax and restore
Recharge your body and your mind throughout relaxing asanas. Move slowly to restore your energy.

Why Yoga Recover?

Need a break from busy working days to calm down? Yoga Recover is right for you. Get rid of a strained neck and back as you move slowly through calming flows. Yoga-based workouts will improve your mind, your body and your life. Start now!
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No equipment
That’s how the program is structured
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Absolutely awesome!
Sara, November 2019
“I’m using this app for 2 weeks now and I’m so impressed by how fit I got! The workouts are adapted to your own goals and very effective!”
Super all-round program!
Phele, January 2020
“I love the app and it has helped me so much on my way to get fit again. The trainers are motivating and the exercises are well-composed. It is definitely worth your money!”
Great program!
Loni, January 2020
“I’m not going to lie, I have never been so motivated to do fitness! I actually miss it when I can’t exercise each day. This is the perfect app and even the recipes and the nutrition tips are great. Highly recommend it!”