Lose weight
8 Weeks
Lose body fat
You don't like losing? No one does, but you should be okay with losing body fat. Get shredded now as you speed up the pace in every workout.
Calorie killer exercises
Calories will fear this program. All Pure Cardio workouts are insanely efficient when it comes to calorie burning.
No equipment needed workouts
There is no need to use any equipment here. Your body itself will be a fat-burning machine after completing this program.

Why Pure Cardio?

Cardio's calling! Pure Cardio to be accurate. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine with fun and effective cardio workouts. You will burn calories and become a master of speed. Why not take a "before" picture of yourself right now? Your body will definitely change as you're smashing this program.
Workout example of this program
No equipment
That’s how the program is structured
Total of workouts in this program (16)

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Customer reviews

Kick ass!
Sara, June 2019
“I just started my first workout, but I have to admit...it really kicks ass excited to see my transformation with Gymondo”
Training at home
Phele, June 2019
“I have been using Gymondo for 1 1/2 years, and I am super happy! It's great that there is always a new program to discover and that I can work out at home!”
I am thrilled
Loni, February 2019
“...100%! In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical if it would work for me. In the last two years, Gymondo managed to keep me motivated, especially with a large variety of different programs. There are so many fun workouts, and all my workouts and progress are saved and shown in my profile! The recipes are fantastic as well, everything for a great price. I will definitely be extending my subscription. 100% recommend it!!!!”